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About Us

HARD Manufacturing's success is a result of over a century of delivery of high quality products and services to the increasingly sophisticated health care industry.  Founded in 1876, HARD Manufacturing Co. has seen its business grow and evolve with the times - supporting a booming population expansion, a dramatic acceleration of discovery and progress in medical science and technology, globalization of the economy, and the needs of an increasingly health-conscious and now aging population.

The family business, with consistent leadership for over 35 years, has been exceeding customer satisfaction through exceptional customer service, continuous process and quality improvement efforts and product leadership.  All of our products, including our hospital cribs, youth and pediatric beds are designed and built in our large manufacturing facility and worldwide headquarters in Buffalo, NY. 

Knowing that even the finest line of hospital cribs and youth beds is only as good as the delivery and support services behind them. HARD has devoted increasing attention to bringing its products more readily to its customers. Staffed by qualified, responsive sales and service personnel, HARD promises prompt attention of specialists, quick delivery, and continued availability of spare parts. 


Domestic Customers Call: 1-800-873-4273

International Customers Call: 1-716-893-1800