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Parents Day

Sunday July 23, marks Parent’s Day.  What is Parent’s Day?  It is a day to recognize the role that parents play in their children’s lives to promote responsibility, and to emphasize the importance of having positive role models.   

Children need people to look up to for guidance and how to be successful; parents are the first role models that their children see and emulate. 

Being a parent is a tireless effort, that can be extremely rewarding.  Even though typically children stop being “dependents” at 18 or 21, you truly never stop being a parent.

Parents are simply the people who bring us up and shape us from the time we are little. 

We at Hard Manufacturing may be biased, but we feel that parents of children in our cribs and beds are extra special for the support and nourishment they provide. 

How do you plan to thank the special parents in your life?



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