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Son & Daughter Day

Each year on August 11th, parents participate in National Son’s and Daughter’s Day.  National Son’s and Daughter’s Day is a holiday meant to spend with your children (biological, as well as nonbiological, that have become a part of the family) to let them know how important they are to you. 

One way to celebrate is by sharing family stories.  We all have those embarrassing stories that we try to forget; Usually, our siblings are the best at bringing up these memories that we hoped had long since elapsed.  These stories are important memories that we share with the people who are closest to us and are unique to each family. 

Another way to celebrate is simply by enjoying some quality time together.  Try to do something special, whether it be going for a walk or enjoying the park.  As children get older and busier, it is harder to get the whole family together.  Use this day as an opportunity to appreciate the time you have with one another.

Whatever you decide to do today, make sure you acknowledge the special son’s and daughter’s in your life.  


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