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We received our cribs earlier this week.  They were put together and arrived in the Unit today.  We have not put any babies in them yet, but I'm sure by the end of the week they will be in full service.  Everyone thinks they are so cute because they are smaller than our other ones.  Our small, growing preemies will fit nicely!  Thanks for your help in the ordering process.

Adele Cleveland Clinic

 Today I received the approval for funding of the mattress for my client.  I could not have managed this without your having provided the additional letter that allowed me to get the mattress approved with the coding E1399.  Thank you so very much for taking the extra time to help us find a solution to provide the medically necessary equipment for this child."

Shelli National Seating & Mobility

 We love the new cribs!  My team appreciated the versatility, size and quietness of the rails when lowering or raising them.  They are sturdy, and frankly, they look nice. 

Tuba City Regional Health

Just a letter of thanks for helping us get the bed and pressure reduction mattress approved. It has been a Godsend with Matt's rods and other problems. We are so grateful to you and your company for making a safe environment for our son! God Bless you all! 


The feedback has been extremely positive. Staff call it the "Cadillac of cribs." They are thrilled they can gain access to the children through the ports, especially in the middle of the night when they are trying to avoid waking the parents. They also stated the side rails lower quietly. 

Denise Martinek, MSN, RN

Prior to my departure as director of The Children’s Hospital, I had the pleasure of replacing all our cribs with new HARD cribs in the confetti pattern. You would have thought it was Christmas morning in terms of the staff’s response. They loved the cribs from both an aesthetic and functional basis! Now that I've relocated to a different Children’s Hospital, my operation is smaller but the HARD crib reputation is still outstanding! You’re a 10! 


We love the cribs and I would rate them a ‘10’ in recommending them to someone else. We especially like the adjustable mattress height and the type of mattresses that came with the crib. The color is very friendly for children as opposed to the stainless steel. My staff is asking why I didn’t buy more and I am sure that the PICU staff would appreciate having them there, as well. I will forward our recommendation to their manager as well.


The “Cribette” is in use in our NICU with a set of preemie twins, co-bedding in it! Staff seems to really like it so far. I really appreciate the responsiveness of your company, from the quote and purchase process all the way through to the follow up. Great job!


The staff and most importantly the parents are very happy with the new cribs. The families are so positive about the cribs as opposed to the stainless steel cribs of the past that did have an ‘institutional’ look. It really does matter to families when their babies are in our unit for a long time and they see it as an important milestone in their baby’s lives when they are able to graduate from an isolette to an open crib. Thanks for the opportunity to let us tell you how much this means to the families and the staff.


The “Cribette” is working out great. On a scale of 1-10 I would rate HARD’S products a 10 and would recommend their products to a colleague. You always provide me with excellent customer service; prompt and courteous.



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